The RReSTORe Consortium hosts conferences to bring together the international group of investigators that comprise the membership. Meetings are discussion-focused with programming aimed at fostering new collaborations and generation innovative ideas to translate vision restorative therapies for optic neuropathy to patients

The 2024 RReSTORe Conference

The 2024 RReSTORe Conference will be held in Seattle, Washington on Saturday, May 4th, 2024 at the University of Washington. Registration will start at 7:30am and the program will run through 1:00pm, ending with an informal lunch. Travel grants will be offered to Emerging Vision Scientists. In addition, recipients of 2023 RReSTORe Collaboration Grants will present the outcomes of their funded experiments.  

Meeting Location: University of Washington Magnuson Health Sciences Center. 1705 NE Pacific St, Seattle, Washington, USA. 98195

The 2022 RReSTORe Conference

The 2022 RReSTORe Conference was held in Denver, Colorado on Saturday, April 30th, 2022.  The conference was held in hybrid format attended in-person by 128 investigators with another 40 participating virtually.  Below are videos from the opening and closing sessions of the conference. Though discussions within small groups were not audio or video recorded (in order to promote candid sharing of ideas and unpublished data), a summary of the discussions has been published as a White Paper, which can be found HERE.

2022 RReSTORe Consortium Meeting: Introductory Session

2022 RReSTORe Consortium Meeting: Summary Discussion

Congratulations to the recipients of 2022 RReSTORe Consortium Travel Grants!

  • Zhang, Jingliang
  • Naguib, Sarah
  • Guy, Brian
  • Valenca, Viviane
  • Peng, Micalla
  • Huang, Kang-Chieh
  • El Hajji, Sana
  • Saleem, Meher
  • Ufongene, Claire
  • Silva-Lepe, Ariadna
  • Sharma, Tasneem
  • Fouda, Adbelrahman
  • Abed, Sadaf
  • Jauregui, Alexa
  • Askary, Amjad
  • Clark, Brian
  • Woodworth, Mollie
  • Samuel, Melanie
  • Luo, Ziming
  • Shiga, Yukohiro
  • Keuthan, Casey
  • Marina, Pavlou
  • Tian, Feng
  • Soucy, Jonathan
  • Gomes, Catia
  • Peterson, Sheri
  • Jalligampala, Archana
  • Balasubramanian, Revathi
  • Rudzitis, Christopher
  • Hu, Mengming
  • Preston, Kiam
  • Sivyer, Ben
  • McGregor, Juliette
  • Alarcon-Martinez, Luis
  • Dharmarjan, Subramanian
  • Lozano, Diana
  • Wang, Xuewei
  • Todd, Levi
  • Aguzzi, Erika
  • Wohlschlegel, Juliette
  • Alapure, Bhagwat
  • Monavarfeshani, Aboozar
  • Das, Arupratan
  • Chang, Kun-Che
  • Emmerich, Kevin
  • Villafranca-Baughman, Deborah
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