Collaboration Grant Program

RReSTORe is pleased to offer Collaboration Grants to RReSTORe members who seek to address the questions and challenges that our consortium has collectively prioritized as being critical to the clinical translation of vision restoration treatments for optic neuropathy, as outlined in our White Paper. 

RReSTORe Collaboration Grants are made possible by generous support from the BrightFocus Foundation.

Congratulations to the recipients of 2023 RReSTORe Collaboration Grants!

Kang-Chieh Huang, Melanie Samuel, Jason Meyer, Nick Tran, and Karthik Shekhar

Guidance of retinal ganglion cells for axonal re-connection

Josh Morgan and Phil Williams

 Effects of PTEN knockdown and CNTF overexpression on retinothalamic synapses

Kun-Che Chang

Stem cell transplantation in an animal model of internal limiting membrane removal

Arupratan Das and Harry Quigley

Targeting mitochondria for RGC neuroprotectionMela

Thank you to the 2023 RReSTORe Study Section!

Bill Guido (University of Louisville), Alex Kolodkin (Johns Hopkins University), Ahmara Ross (University of Pennsylvania), Matthew Veldman (Medical College of Wisconsin), Pete Williams (Karolinska Institute), Jeff Gross (University of Texas at Austin), Bhagwat Alapure (LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans), Pratheepa Rasiah (University of Tennessee Health Science Center), Larry Benowitz (Boston Children’s Hospital), and Tom Johnson (Johns Hopkins University, Chairperson). Diane Bovenkamp and Preeti Subramanian from the BrightFocus Foundation were also present as non-voting members.

How the RReSTORe Collaboration Grant Program works:

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